CLC is a family friendly church. Your kids will learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They learn, in a variety of creative ways, that Jesus is their Friend, their Helper, their Savior & their Lord. They also are given opportunities to serve in church. We want them to grow and mature as young people of virtue and character. Our Christian Education Department does their best to teach and nurture your children with bible stories, a creative curriculum and with a spirit of excellence. They will learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and also learn about Christian values of love, faith, kindness, forgiveness and serving others.
A weekly family event – like going to church – will advance and bless your whole family. Childhood is the best time to instill Christian values and for them to learn great stories of faith from the bible. One of the best things that you can do as a parent is to encourage your child’s faith, teaching them to develop their own walk with God as you set an example.

At CLC you will find:

  • A Private Nursing Room (adjacent to the main sanctuary)
  • Childcare Room (with video link to the church service)
  • BIGS: Beginners In God (tots – little guys and gals – 3 and up)
  • RIGS: Radicals in God (Primaries)
  • DIGS: Disciples in God (Preteens)
  • HIGHER Calling (Teens, Young Adults)