"Quench" Dig A Well


To Bring Life Saving Clean Water to Haiti. Help Us Raise the Money to Dig a Well in Haiti.

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Through a faith-based partnership,  we raised money and dug a well providing clean water source to a small fishing villagein in Ti-Riviere, Haiti.  The new well helps to prevent cholera and other water-borne illnesses that came from ingesting stagnant water from unclean sources. Although we have met the goal to dig this one well. We will continue to raise funds to assist New Missions in their work to provide clean drinking water to Haiti.

We Believe We Are ..

  • To receive funds to be used to provide, distribute, or treat clean and safe drinking water and specifically for the suffering population of Haiti. 
  • To partner with all willing and compassionate community members and community groups to achieve our Quench goal.
  • To work with New Missions, an "in the field”, non-profit,  faith-based mission organization and church that is in position to store, provide or distribute clean water or systems directly to needy communities and individuals.
  • To promote health and prevent the spread of infectious disease by the ingestion of infected water.